A sanctuary of luxury and quiet ease high above Moosehead Lake, America's Crown Jewel - for those seeking the absolute best.


Mooshead Lake is a national treasure and Blair Hill Inn is Moosehead Lake's brilliant jewel.  This place needs little introduction: its reputation is remarkable.  Sitting high above the lake on 15 idyllic acres with drop-dead views for as far as the eye can see, a stay here is seductively peaceful.


The serenity or adventure of the wilderness is at your doorstep.  With a refreshing focus on health and well-being, here you will breathe easy. The 1891 Maine summer 'cottage' is pristinely restored and serves up superb 'farm-to-fork' cuisine, fine wines and stylish decor. Yes, it is upscale but with a 'laid-back', relaxed atmosphere.  Come experience your perfect customized adventure itinerary - let your imagination soar!   Then let our seasoned and charming staff set you wonderfully at ease.


Broad porches, colorful sunsets, and kind service; garden inspired cocktails, flavorful Maine delicacies, fresh flowers, great music, and a relaxed easiness ...it's the perfect lake & mountain retreat.


fine dining restaurant ~ spa services ~ full bar service ~ adventure activity services ~ free wifi ~ full breakfast service ~  15+ gorgeous acres ~ trout pond ~ trails ~ yoga retreats ~ gardens & greenhouse ~ fresh cut flowers ~ treats & refreshments ~ peace & quiet  ~ serenity

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